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Are you self employed?  Or a business owner?

The considerations for someone who is self employed or a business owner can be quite complex when they are in a situation where they cannot work.  These issues can include:

  • Additional labour/wage costs if you cannot work or have to reduce your hours;
  • Actual lost contracts/jobs that you had agreed to perform but cannot fulfil;
  • Analysis of the impact of a forced sale or closure of your business if you cannot continue to operate your business;
  • Consideration of industry specific statistics to ascertain whether you have missed growth opportunities; and
  • Financial losses to your business due to you as a director being unable to work.

Lime Lawyers has considerable experience in representing people in these circumstances and they are well placed to assist you swiftly and with confidence. Contact us on 1800 LIMELAW.

Another important consideration is examining whether you have any entitlement to access income protection benefits, director’s insurance, key man insurance, business expense or interruption insurance or a lump sum through TPD or trauma insurance. A review of these insurances is part of our service.


Are you employed by someone else – a company, business or individual?

If you are employed by someone else and find yourself unable to work for a period of time, you may be concerned about various issues to do with your employment.  These might include:

  • Lost overtime hours that you normally would work for your employer;
  • Lost income from a temporary or permanent reduction in your normal working hours;
  • Lost commission/bonuses that you may have received had you been able to work;
  • Lost statutory entitlements, for example long service leave, which you are forced to utilise because of your time off work;
  • Salary increases/promotional opportunities missed;
  • Additional income (eg. Second job) lost due to being unable to perform this additional work;
  • Lost employment entitlements (eg. Company car) if your employment position is downgraded or you are unable to continue to work;
  • Superannuation entitlements, either at the prevailing statutory rate or at a specific rate contained within your employment contract, whichever is the higher amount.

The Lime Lawyers team understands the issues that can occur when you are unable to work. They will focus on ensuring that your issues are addressed.  Contact us on 1800 LIMELAW.

We can also examine your entitlement to access trauma insurance, income protection benefits and/or a lump sum through TPD insurance. We can review any other relevant insurance products if this is appropriate.

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