How Dash Cams Can Reduce Your Legal Costs

Ashley Park | 8 Jan 2016

Being involved in a car accident is never a good experience, and if you’ve found yourself in a situation where your car is damaged or you’ve been injured, it’s important that you take the correct steps towards being adequately compensated.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in these situations is vital to ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. Their experience can guide you through the entire process of claiming insurance, right down to gathering the necessary evidence required to support your case.


How do Dash Cams fit into this?

A great precautionary measure that many people are taking is to install a dash cam in their car. These simple devices are perfect for ensuring you have all of the necessary evidence to assist your lawyer to build your case for personal injury compensation claims. The many features of dash cams work to help your lawyer build a strong evidence-based case that can drastically help to reduce your legal costs and even compel the other party to settle so that you don’t have to go to court.


Compel the Other Party to Admit Responsibility

The most helpful evidence you’ll gain from a dash cam is video footage of the crash itself. Often, the evidence is undeniable. Most dash cams film at full 1080p HD and give you a crystal clear recording of the events at a wide angle. At the moment of a collision a dash cam’s g-sensor will activate, saving the footage for you and your lawyer to later review, either on your television, computer or with an app on your smart phone. You’ll get a clear view of the entire scenario and it will be easy to ascertain who is at fault. For example, if the other driver ran a stop sign or red light, it will all be clear on your footage, proving their culpability. Or, the footage can also show the moment of impact and indicate how hard the other vehicle collided with your vehicle. This will be extremely helpful to your lawyer as they build your case.

Additionally, a dash cam will be able to give you more evidence beyond just the visual of a crash. Time and date stampings pinpoint the exact day and time of the crash giving you irrefutable evidence that can be the tipping point in a contentious case. Furthermore, many dash cams are fitted with GPS receivers that can track your journey, including your speed, direction of travel and your exact latitudinal and longitudinal positioning. This information is instrumental in proving your version of the incident is correct and unquestionable evidence such as this is often compelling enough to convince the other party to settle.


Timely Compensation

Building a database of evidence is one of the best ways to assist your lawyer in acting quickly to ensure you’re compensated, and dash cams have a host of additional features to help this process. Many dash cams have the capacity to be taken out of the car to take still images. This is an excellent way to get documentation of any damage dealt to your vehicle, the other driver’s vehicle or any other evidence which is relevant, such as the position of skid marks. You can even use the cam to the details of any witnesses. Microphones are also integrated into most dash cams and are a great way to get a recording of the conversation that occurs, post-accident. It can be useful as you can record the entire situation. If the other driver verbally accepts responsibility, you may have a recording of it, which will help your lawyer ensure you’re adequately compensated.

This, when combined with the video evidence will build a strong database of evidence that you can give to your lawyer, allowing them to quickly act accordingly. Such a wealth of evidence streamlines the process that your lawyer takes to ensure you receive any insurance payout or compensation for damage or personal injuries you may be entitled to. Because of this, dash cams are a valuable asset to have in your car as they can directly reduce your legal costs and speed up the time it takes to resolve your situation.


Protect Yourself Against Hit and Runs or Theft

Owning a dash cam can also be extremely beneficial in the case of an accident where you aren’t in your car. If you’re parked at the local shops and someone runs into you, a dash cam will get a recording of the incident. Most dash cams have a time lapse parking mode which switches to regular filming when the dash cam’s motion sensing feature or g-sensor is activated. This can be useful in hit and run cases as you’re able to see their numberplate for identification and have a recording of the entire incident for evidence. If you give this information to your lawyer, they’ll be able to ensure that you receive any insurance or other compensation that you’re entitled to, quickly and efficiently, thus reducing the cost to you.


Cover Yourself and Help Your Lawyer

When you install a dash cam, you’re providing yourself with the best way to gather undeniable evidence in the event of a motor vehicle accident or incident. With this information, your lawyer can compel the other party to settle and help you get the best outcome possible.

In this way, dash cams are an invaluable asset for any driver and are a great way to ensure that if you find yourself in an accident, you’ll be saving time and money.


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